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Bridge Camp Meetings

Mega Sports will have an information meeting Sat. June 27th 10pm in the choir room. Point of contact Julie Marshall.

Thailand Trek will have an information meeting Sun. June 28th 12 noon in the conference room 1. Point of contact Betty Young.

All volunteers are encouraged to attend.

Depression Bipolar Support Group

Please come and join us and get help through peer-to-peer support.  DBSA Group meetings focus on mutual aid and strategies for living the fullest life possible.  Participants make the group a safe place by fostering a supportive, trustworthy, respectful, non-judgemental atmosphere to share strategies, tips, and experiences.  Everyone is welcome.  We offer free educational materials.  We meet every other Tuesday at 7pm in room 228 starting January 13th.  If you have any questions, contact Tim Glover at 804-412-5910 or go to the DBSA website.

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