Meet our Staff

At Ironbridge, we care about people. We care about each other. We care about you. Our team is imperfect. We make mistakes. We sometimes fail. But this idea unites us: we demonstrate a perfect love, a love that comes only from knowing God and following His lead. We would like to share that love with you. Your needs are important to us. Your lives matter, and you are valuable to us, because you are uniquely designed by a personal God who created you with a purpose. Thank you for allowing our team to partner with you in your life’s circumstances. Our individual staff members are here to serve, and they can be contacted via their links below.

Mark Jordan
Lead Pastor
Dennis Green
Executive Pastor
Paul Cochran
Associate Pastor, Worship
Chris Palmer
Teaching Pastor
Jeff Martin
Director of Bridge Group Life
Chad Davis
Minister to Students
Katie Etheridge
Director of Children's Ministry
Amanda Crawford
Director of Communications
Sherry Hoover
Office Manager
Vickie Shannon
Debra Cardwell
ICCS Preschool Director
Warren Trent
Angela Dutton
Children's Ministry Assistant
Joe Messenger
Facilities Manager
Nicole Plummer
Creative Intern