Dennis Green

Executive Pastor

Favorite Book-  Switch – It’s a book for geeks who like to be challenged on thinking differently.
Favorite movie – Gone With The Wind – if you don’t agree, well, frankly my dear, I don’t give a rip.  (You know what I mean)
Married to the amazing Brenda Thompson Green for 33 years.  We have 2 children that are awesome and 1 grandson that we are fairly certain, hung the moon.
Hobbies – Cars and golf.  Not necessarily in that order.
Favorite Childhood memory – Getting a dirt bike for Christmas when I was 14.  It was extremely cold that Christmas.  The cold was merely an inconvenience as I rode non-stop for a week.
Favorite Cartoon as a kid – Speed Racer
Most confusing moment:  In 6th grade I won “The Good Citizenship Award”.  I still don’t know what that award was for or what it means.
Life verse – Romans 8:28
Little known facts about me-  I can ride an unicyle.  I used to like to write poetry and won some awards in school.
Short bio – Grew up outside of Atlanta.  Did not grow up in church.  After college I found my way via a job to south Goergia where I met Brenda.  She introduced me to church and to Jesus.  I came to faith at 24.  Although at some point as an adult, I knew God was calling to serve him full time, I ran from that for years.  Not until 2006 did I begin a Seminary education and in 2008 entered into professional ministry.