October BridgeBlast

Pastor Gary:

Growing Strong
As believers, our greatest desire and privilege is to grow strong in the Lord. Being strong in Jesus puts us in the right position to “creatively share the love of Christ.” Being strong in his mighty power means we are walking in the Spirit, seeking His kingdom first.  We are placed in the center of the resources He has given us to live out His new life in these days. We are attentive to opportunities to share the love of Jesus and the blessings He has given us. This fall season is full of opportunities to grow strong in Jesus together. Let’s look at a few of these
Grow Strong in Serving at Wednesday Night at the Bridge
There is much excitement about the launch of our new Wednesday evening ministry on October 6. This will offer us a time to strengthen our children’s ministry in discipleship with Team Kid. Tammy Baylor is leading a great group of volunteers in preparation for these evenings. Thanks for your prayers and participation as we make a difference by helping kids grow in Jesus. Also, on Wednesdays you will have several options to grow in your faith in several new discipleship themed classes. I will be leading an Ironbridge Membership class on Wednesday evening, October 6 at 6:15 p.m. I hope you will join
me in this if you are interested in becoming a member, have recently joined, or you just want to get stronger in your faith. Another highlight of Wednesday evening will be a snack supper. We need volunteers to help make this happen. You can volunteer for the whole session, for one month, or one night as all are needed.
Grow strong in sharing
This fall let’s focus on praying our way forward. When we pray, we share the burdens of others by intercession; we share the love of Christ by praying others toward faith in Christ, and we pray each other forward in growth in Christ. Once we have prayed, we can share a clear witness for Jesus by sharing the gospel verbally and by our actions. It is amazing the impact we can have when we our witness is fully synced in those two ways.
Growing strong in giving
Consistent giving of our tithes and offerings allows us to be a channel of blessing and resources in multiplied area of God’s kingdom. We are confident that God will supply our needs if we wisely put him first. Let’s also be confident that through us God will bless others as he has blessed us in Jesus.

Pastor Paul:

The Bridge Groups Ministry has had a busy month with an emphasis Sunday, and then a leader’s luncheon and meeting. It was wonderful to get with our group leaders, have a great time of fellowship, and pray about the upcoming season. We are truly blessed as a church to have them in place. Many of our leaders serve in multiple areas, so please keep them in your prayers. Their heart is to see this church grow and multiply in healthy ways; that is my heart as
well. The only way that happens is when we as a church are totally depending on God for every move. We are learning from Ephesians 4:15-16 that when we as the church and as individuals are following through and doing all that Jesus asks us to do, we will automatically grow and build up in love. We are headed in a great direction and have amazing days ahead of us! If you haven’t joined a Bridge Group yet, I want to strongly encourage you to check the groups
available on our website. You can always reach out to me at paulc@ironbridge.org for more information, as well.
We are continually open to those who would like to serve at Ironbridge Church. If you have a desire to check out Worship or Tech Team please contact me at paulc@ironbridge.org and we can investigate the options together.
And finally, just a heads up, I am starting to think about Christmas. We had such a wonderful experience last year with the Drive Thru Nativity that I am wanting to do something similar again. If you are interested in helping out, please know that it is just around the corner.
Contact me if you would like to be put on a list of volunteers.

Take Care,

Pastor Zach Ginn:

This past month our group decided to do a spontaneous bonfire. I guess “fall being in the air” can do some strange things to us. As the creator of the fire, I was quick to get roasted for how puny my flame was when it got started. Admittedly, it was small at first. But with a little help from friends (and wind) it became a steady flame. Providing warmth and the perfect concoction for s’mores creation.

Faith can be like this small fire. Maybe you feel like your faith is at the “kindling” stage. I encourage you to come as you are and see how community and the oxygen of God’s love turn your spark into a steady flame. We have seen this truth play out in the relaxed gatherings we have as we come together to learn about God each week.

If you’re in this pivotal stage of life, we invite you to join us on Mondays at 7 pm in the student building.

Student Ministry

At Ironbridge Student Ministry, we aim to see each student own their faith in Christ, and leverage their lives for his cause. We believe that students who are not familiar with our faith, or those who grew up in church, can both seek after God through our clear discipleship pathway:

> October Invite Night – Ah, fall is in the air. Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and our personal favorite: pumpkin smashing. Bring your own pumpkin and a friend as we go through a series of challenges. But choose wisely, your pumpkin will have to face a judge panel, be painted and carved, and possibly survive a good smashing. Oh, and this is a costume party. Expect free food and the most unexpected fall event of your life. Friday 10/29  6:30pm – 8pm.
> Wednesday Nights – Take ownership of your faith by joining other students seeking to pursue Christ. The evening will include free food, engaging activities, and teaching on the book of Daniel for our sermon series, Equipped for Exile. / 6:30pm-8pm
> Sunday Mornings – Learn to leverage your life as we do a panel discussion on the week’s application from Daniel and grow in community through our bridge groups. / 9:15am – 10:30am.
> Discipleship groups – weekly discipleship meetings led by our leaders outside of calendared events.

For an inside look into the descriptions and times of these gatherings, I invite you to explore our October calendar on the website.

With gratitude,

Zach Ginn
Pastor of Students and Young Adults

Tammy Baylor:

Sunday Mornings!

BridgeKidz Service Time is Moving!

We are moving to 9:00am on Sunday Mornings. We have several of our families with children in student ministry AND in children’s ministry. This is one of the BIG reasons to move our time to 9:00am so families can attend a service time with something for everyone. Check-in will begin at 8:45am-9:15am. Pick-up time will be 10:15am, across from Z-Street. With this change, we are transitioning our Elementary K-3 rd grade to small groups to better facilitate age-appropriate discovery and learning in God’s Word. Our groups will be K-1st grade, 2nd -3rd grade, and Pre-teen. We know change can be
difficult for some kids. Some children may be nervous, anxious, or even apprehensive about changing to a new class with a different leader. We in BridgeKidz understand this and are working to help minimize this as much as we can. We are taking the month of October to first meet altogether for a brief time, then move to small groups.
Theme: Super Kids
Little ones LOVE to show adults how BIG they are…”Look at my BIG muscles! Look How BIG I can Jump!… We don’t have to teach a preschooler to show everyone how big they are. And, if we’re all honest, there’s something deep inside us that wants to do something big, too. We want to show the world that we can do things that matter—things that really matter.  Could it be that we were all made to do big things? We think so.  The entire month of October is planned around what being a Super Kid REALLY looks like—-doing the things God made us to do. God made us to do BIG things!
Memory Verse: “Be Strong and courageous. Do not be afraid…For the Lord your God goes with you.” Deuteronomy 31:6
Key Question & Bottom Line: Who made you to do BIG things? God made me to do BIG things.
Theme: Custom Creations: There is only one you.
God View: The connection between individuality and God’s character, as shown through God’s Big Story.  God is one of a kind, with no beginning and no end. Everything God has created is unique and one of a kind, including people created in God’s image. Every person is an original reflection of God in how they love, care for others, imagine, create, and solve problems. To see how we can do this well, we should look to Jesus. Jesus showed us what it means to be created in God’s image in the way He loved all people and helped people feel like they had value—no matter who they were or what they had done. We
can reflect this as we discover who we’re meant to be and live out the individuality God gave us.
Memory Verse: “How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that.
What you have done is wonderful. I know that very well.” Psalm 139:14
Life App: Individuality: Discovering who you’re meant to be so you can make a difference.
The Footsteps of the Disciples:
Have you ever wanted to know what life in the early church was like? How about who some of the people were that helped to establish a foundation for the faith you and I live by today? The preteen students led by Ms. Shirley are asking these and many more questions and finding the answers in the Bible! Who are the people who wrote these letters and to whom were they written? They are discovering where key foundational components of the Christian faith, like the Lord’s Prayer, the Armor of God…. are located in scripture and how they are connected to God’s one big story. They are also discovering how they can apply these truths in their life today as young believers.
It’s back! Wednesday evening TeamKID. This is our discipleship night for kids, 2years– 5th grade! We will be part of the Wednesday Night at the Bridge time meeting 6pm-7:15pm. We will begin our 1st 6-week Session on Oct. 6th talking about God: How great is God? Does God keep His promises? Who is God? Is God Loving? Is God good? What is God’s Plan?  ALL Children 2 years of age through 5th grade are invited to join us for an hour of discovery in God’s word through games, activities, Bible lesson, scripture memory, and even snack time! While not required, we ask that you register your child(ren) for Wednesday Nite @ BridgeKidz via Church Center App under Sign-ups. Or click the link here: https://brgr.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1000956

We look forward to guiding your children in discovery and growth in understanding God through His Word and encouraging them to live out their faith.


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