Bridgeblast Update

Bridgeblast Update from the Church Staff

From Pastor Gary

SOCIAL DISTANCE BUT SPIRITUAL CLOSENESS – This phrase came to my mind last Sunday morning as I was getting ready for the sermon. I like the way it sounded and what it emphasized, but I didn’t realize just how important this concept/experience would come to be. Now we at Ironbridge and every other church around have this as a challenge/opportunity for the foreseeable future. I was trying to get my mind around how we were going to accommodate the request of Governor Northam to limit groups to 100 last Sunday when I heard that the CDC wanted it to be groups of 50 or less. Then before my thought process was complete on our path with 50, I heard President Trump say 10. Wow, that helped give some clarity for how it would be in the immediate future.

ONLINE WORSHP – Very clearly we are moving to online worship on Sunday mornings at 10:45. We will be livestreaming our service as we have thankfully been doing for a while. Our tech team has been working hard on this for over a year. Now we add the “little caveat” of “no live congregation” to the mix. The Lord has been preparing us for this time. Please plan to be online through the website at 10:45 this Sunday morning. Also, you can go to Ironbridge’s Facebook page and get the service. Make sure you click “Like” and “Follow” to get notifications automatically.

SMALL GROUPS – We are blessed to have a great small group network Bridge Groups. Many/hopefully most of you are a part of one of these groups. If not go to our website and click the “Learn More” tab to enter our Bridge Group information page and find one that seems a fit for you. For the next several weeks these groups will have greater emphasis as our meetings will have to be in small groups of 10 or less. The small group leaders will be contacting their groups to decide on any changes in meeting sites or time. Also, some groups may want to meet online through Facebook live or Zoom. These are great ways to stay in touch with each other and help each other and neighbors, especially the elderly that will have special needs during this time.

CREATIVITY – We are studying new ways to be the church and make an impact during this time. I heard someone say, “Let’s try to spread the love of Jesus faster than the coronavirus” in this time of opportunity. We will let you know of new ways we are helping and encouraging each other that will be unfolding in the next few days.

GIVING – One of our challenges in the coming weeks will be our giving. Again, thankfully we have opportunities set up online for this. You can go to our website and touch the “Giving” tab on the first page. It will take you to where you can give electronically through the site, as well as show you how to download the “Church Center” app for your cell phone. Also, we have people who faithfully give by mailing a check to the church or by bringing their offering to the church office. We are counting on your continuing to do this as you are able. We are thankful for the generosity of our people, and we believe that will continue during this time.

PRAYER – Isn’t it amazing that we are in the middle of a series on prayer? We have more reason and need to pray as we move together through the Coronavirus challenge. So, let’s commit to pray for each other, for our leaders, and for those the Lord brings to our minds or across our paths each day. This Sunday at the 10:45 a.m. livestream, my sermon will be “Lord, Teach Us to Pray–Provision.” The focal point will be “Give us this day our daily bread.” I am looking forward to this as it shows us the Lord’s timing and equipping us for the days ahead.
Pastor Gary


From Pastor Paul

As you know from this Bridge Blast we are moving into a very different temporary season with many things either being cancelled or put on hold. In an effort to be in line with Ironbridge Church and to comply with what our society has been asked to do, I have laid out the areas I cover and what to expect over the next few weeks. Keep all of this as a matter of prayer and be sure to spend time daily with God. This actually gives us a unique opportunity. When have we ever been able to take this much time to think on our past, present, and future? Let God encourage you in these very different days. Also, God may present you with opportunities to help out an elderly neighbor or someone who cannot get out of their house for a grocery store run. Keep your eyes open and your hearts ready to show the love of Christ in real ways.

Sunday Morning Worship – We will continue with online live streaming of the 10:45am service. You are encouraged to watch online via Facebook. It is easy to go to our Facebook page and access the service. You can also access it from our church website

Adult Worship Team – We will be doing live stream services with no audience. I will schedule you weekly. If you are feeling sick at all or have any other underlying health issues, please do not feel any pressure to participate and notify me asap. I will want us to only rehearse Sunday mornings at 9am and be ready for the live stream broadcast at 10:45. We will sit in the audience so that Pastor Gary can have faces to focus on while preaching. There will normally only be 5 or 6 band members, the Pastor, and a couple of tech crew members in the Worship Center during this time.

Tech Team – We will schedule 2 or 3 tech people to help with sound, lights and the streaming experience for Sunday mornings. As stated earlier, if you are feeling sick at all or have any other underlying health issues, please do not feel any pressure to participate and notify me asap.

Youth Worship Team – On hold until the youth are meeting regularly again in the building.

Classic Service – On hold until we are comfortable with meeting again.

Easter Choir – Choir will not meet. Because of the nature of a choir being 30 or 40 people in close contact, singing, and creating a lot of air movement, it is not advisable to meet together.

Revival – Cancelled…Worship Team will not need to prepare for extra services.

Easter at the Bridge – All outdoor festivals and gatherings are cancelled. We have had as many as 1500 people attend this community outreach. There is a lot of preparation that goes into pulling this event off with many volunteers. I want to thank those of you who have worked hard to this point, but we need to cancel.
Bridge Groups – Groups should be in contact with their leaders. If your meeting involves less than 10 people, then you do have the ability to meet. As long as Sunday morning groups are less than 10 then you can meet at church…you just can’t come into the Worship Service. Having said that, if you are over the age of 60 or have underlying health concerns, you should not attend. Group members should also not be pressured in any way to meet. Our Monday Morning Men’s group decided not to meet for a few weeks as well as the Monday evening men’s Groups. Please get in touch with your Bridge Group Leader to see what they would like to do. If you do meet, then please do not let food be part of that experience. It is easy to spread germs that way. Also, there are resources like ZOOM that allow you to have online meetings. Maybe your group is tech savvy and can figure that out or some other online meeting platform. That would be great as we all still need encouragement and community in this time. At the very least, try to stay in contact through email or other messaging platforms and share requests.


From Children’s Ministry Director Tammy Baylor

Challenging times such as what we are experiencing can be especially difficult for our children to understand or even maneuver through. “Normal” activities become forbidden or unavailable to them, routines are disrupted, and they may be kept away from friends and/or family members. These situations can cause stress and anxiety not just for adults, but for many children.

As we enter a time where we are not meeting in person, we here in BridgeKidz are working to provide a connection to familiar faces. Beginning this Sunday, March 22, 2020, we will post a video link on to a Bible Lesson that your children can view. We will also post a conversation page that you can print and discuss as a family. The videos will continue our Bible Lessons through the Bible in One year and star some of your Children’s Ministry Staff. This will provide you and your children a familiar face to engage with and hear the encouraging and true words of God each week.

We are also planning a special Easter Themed event online that will include activities that we will have available for parents to pick-up for kids to do at home. We pray that we will be able to meet in person again by Easter. We continue to pray for the health, safety and wellness of each of the children and their families as we journey through this time together.

Please reach out to me, Tammy Baylor ( or Tanya Herndon ( with any questions you may have about children’s ministry here at Ironbridge Church.

TeamKID meetings on Wednesday Night will be cancelled until further notice.

Additional Resources

Parent Cue. This is a free App that you can download on itunes or Googleplay. You can register and choose Ironbridge Baptist Church. This app provides encouraging and helpful information on child development, parenting ideas, and age-appropriate content for each of your children. Enter your children’s name and ages and the app will show age appropriate video and content for that child.

Lifeway Kids at home: (login or register if you don’t have account)
Enter redemption code: VZMD4SSQ38
Click Access (sign-in again if asked)
Click “MyDashboard” and go to lifeway kids at home
Download Activity Page and one conversation sheet to use as you watch the video session.


From Rachel Adcock for Fuzed Parents and Students

Hi Fuzed Students

I pray you all are in good health and doing well given our circumstances.

In order to exercise extra safety precautions and to align with the general plan for the church, we will not have youth activities in person tomorrow evening or most likely for 2 more weeks.

That said, the team is researching the ability to do a virtual type of meeting. Please stay tuned for more details and we’ll keep you posted.


From the rest of the Church Staff

Please note that the church staff intends to serve you in the church office as much as possible. We will continue to communicate through phone calls, emails, texts, and receive prayer requests. Be sure to continue to go to our prayer page — for updates on prayer needs in the Ironbridge body. Please pray for those who are suffering with this virus and their families, for our churches, and for healthcare providers at every level who are working tirelessly to try to put an end to this pandemic. Fear is growing by the day, both abroad and here at home in our own country, but our faith and hope are in Almighty God alone. “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You” (Psalm 56:3).


Be sure to use this time to refresh yourself in God’s Word, perhaps by

using the Daily Walk Bible…

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