Ministry Conference Summary 4/25/21

Ironbridge Baptist Church

Ministry Conference, April 25, 2021


Carey Adams shared briefly what a Ministry Conference is designed to be:  a time when the Pastor(s) and Leadership Team report to the church. They are called and organized by the Leadership Team.


Ministry Updates


  • Gary Threatt-Interim Senior Pastor
    • Some of the proposed changes of moving most activities to Wednesday/Sunday have been pushed back.
    • Baptism to be held on May 2
    • While Becky has moved to North Caroline, Gary remains here and committed to Ironbridge until a new Senior Pastor is found.
    • Carey thanked Pastor Gary for his vision and guidance in his time with us.


  • Paul-Minister of Music/Bridge Groups
    • Recently added 5 new worship team members, 2 new A/V team members, and have 2 new youth helping run the cameras.
    • Thank you to Patrick Rogers for all the behind-the-scenes work being done.
    • Student Worship is currently auditioning new members.
    • Bridge Groups still meeting, many in person
    • Summer Connection groups are being planned with 7-8 already in development stages with anticipated start in June.
    • Classic Worship being held the last Thursday of each month
    • Carey thanked Paul for his continued support and commitment to Ironbridge over his tenure.


  • Zach Ginn-Student Pastor
    • Zach shared a story and thanked Ironbridge for having a “we are for you, we believe in you” spirit as he and Jordyn have begun serving here at Ironbridge.
    • Student Ministry focusing on helping each student to leverage their life and own their faith for the cause of Christ.
    • This is being done with a Bible reading plan, games and fellowship, walking through books of the Bible (already completed Philippians, Jonah, and now in 1 Timothy).
    • Successful Reset weekend in March with around 40 students in attendance
    • Planning for a full week summer camp for students this summer
    • On Sunday mornings, there are teams formed to teach the students how to serve and allow them to have a big part in ministry. Teams include hospitality, content, outreach, and tech.
    • The Young Adult group is continuing to meet weekly.



  • Tammy Baylor-Children’s Ministry Director
    • Student ministry has been open every Sunday at 10:45 since September thanks to the volunteers who help with nursery through 5th
    • Weekly 15-20 students are engaged and learning about God.
    • Also mailing out 35-40 kits to families who are not attending in person each month that contain material related to the lessons, all of which are available online.
    • There is a separate Facebook page for BridgeKidz-and it is being viewed internationally!
    • Easter at the Bridge was hosted by BridgeKidz this year with 127 cars coming through the Drive-Thru Easter Egg Hunt, most not members of Ironbridge.
    • VBS will be held in person in July outdoors
    • Desire to open up BridgeKidz for both services, but in need of more volunteers.


  • Debra Cardwell-ICCS Preschool Director
    • The preschool has been fully enrolled and fully staff all year
    • 100 children attending classes
    • Even with some families having occurrences of Covid, the preschool has been able to remain open without any shutdowns.


  • Bill Vickers-Spokesman for the Deacons
    • Deacons are 12 men who are called to be an extension of the Pastor in the provision of spiritual needs.
    • They meet monthly for prayer and are available to people and families who have needs within the church.


  • Marjorie Loya-Missions Director
    • 3 levels of supporting missions
      • Financial
        • A percentage of giving goes to missions
        • Mercy Mall/Pregnancy Help Center of Chesterfield
        • Samaritans Purse/8 Days of Hope
        • 2 families that are supported with missions giving
      • Provide direct monetary support
        • Sponsor families in the preschool
        • Connections in Costa Rica
      • Volunteer
        • Nursey, Youth, Bridge Groups,
        • Food Bank, Mercy Mall, Pregnancy Help Center
        • Dinners to first responders in the community


Leadership Team Updates


  • The LT is the governing body which handles “business” of the church except that which requires church approval.


  • Introduction of members
    • Bill Vickers-serving on subcommittee to implement the recommendations from the Transition Team
    • Marjories Loya-also serving on subcommittee for the implementation of Transition Team recommendations
    • Tory Rogers-serving on subcommittee to improve communication
    • Pat Hale-vice-chair; subcommittee on commitment calendar
    • Barney Boyle-Finance Team, subcommittee on renovations/Capital projects and faiclities
    • Rachel Adcock-Pastor Sear]ch committee
    • Paul Repak-Pastor Search committee
    • Joe Messenger-Facilities subcommittee
    • Carey Adams-chair; working on policies/procedures, commitment calendar


  • Goals of the LT
    • Better communication
    • Compliance of Bi-Laws/Constitution
    • Financial Stewardship-debt, managing expenses, review by outside CPA this summer, Kim Thomas-CPA who keeps the books of the church


  • Financial Update-Barney Boyle
    • Operating receipts were slightly unfavorable to budget – $8.4K (-4%) for the quarter and only down (- 2%) from the prior quarter.
    • Operating cash position improved $13.6K during the quarter.
    • Association and mission giving (excluding designated gifts) were down slightly relative to budget due to the shortfall in operating receipts. However, $22K was raised during the quarter for missions. We are currently at about 85% of our Annie Armstrong Easter offering goal for 2021 of $6.5K.
    • Our current mortgage principal balance continues to decline each month and ended the quarter at $754,932.
    • We continue to keep expenses down relative to receipts. Our net receipts (receipts less expenses) were favorable $13.6K for the quarter. Favorability in salaries and benefits accounted for most (82%) of the reduction in our expenses relative to the budget.
    • YTD total receipts are down -8% (-$39K) to plan and expenses are also down about (-7.4%). Net Receipts are $27,692, as we continue to keep expenses below receipts for the first half of the year.


  • Thank you for your faithfulness in giving of your tithes and offerings to support the mission of our church, those in our community and those serving around the world.


  • Questions
    • Question-What is the expected timeline of the Search Team? What is a reasonable expectation for the congregation?
    • Answer-Jon Loftis-Pastor Search Team Chair-Team is already meeting and taking a prayerful approach. There is no timeline as they trust God is preparing a Pastor for our church and want to seek God’s will and allow Christ to lead the search.


  • Question-What growth opportunities might be seen in terms of buildings, additions, etc?
  • Answer-Subcommittee is working to identify what projects are needed-renovations and capital projects and determining the prioritization. There is the possibility of a Capital Program to raise funds for these projects.



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